On all matters COVID-19

On all matters COVID-19...

For many of us, 2020 has been a a very unusual, if not downright weird year. 

One undoubtedly positive fact though, that must be mentioned, is the great quantity of high quality memes it has given rise too.

Please do not interpret my levity as some sort of denial of the depth and seriousness of what is going on.

I have assisted quite a few people during these days navigating major change, and have gone through some trials of my own during the last months.

Loved ones die. Marriages break up. People are hospitalised. Mental health issues have been triggered by the quarantine measures. And so forth.

But I am of the opinion that it is not hope that dies last – after all hope was the last of the monsters to escape Pandorra’s box – but that humor shall burry us all – eventually. 

And this argument is supported by science – at least for the moment.

From a homeopathic perspective, I have seen three remedies in particular at work during the last months:

  • Aconitum: A great remedy for the onset of any cold, flu or infection, if the symptoms go together with an intense sense of foreboding, reaching from “If this continues, I will be ill tomorrow.”, over the fear of dying to prophesying the end of our civilisation. If you have troubles getting through the news on TV without getting panicky, you may want to have this remedy next to your comfy chair.

    We have chucked out our TV during the Swine flu epidemic in 2009. You remember that previous time humanity was ready to go down the drain? We realised that we did not want to have an instigator of mass hysteria in our living room.

    Incidentally, as COVID-19 seems to be a macabre 10 years anniversary of the last flu scare, it makes you think, what will await us in 2030.

    Voilà, the remedy Aconitum with its tendency to make prophecies.

    For more information on Aconitum and the following homeopathic remedies, check them out online, for instance in Dr. John Henry Clarke’s “Dictionnary of Practical Materia Medica” or in Dr. William Boericke’s “Pocket Book of Homeopathic Remedies“.

    For a more hands-on approach, participate at one of my upcoming first aid workshops “Homeopathy for Friends and Family”.

  • Arsenicum album: If flu symptoms start with a sense of frailty, anxiety about one’s health, and go together with great concern about personal hygiene, cleanliness, and a fear of germs, homeopaths are considering this remedy.

    In case the toilet paper and desinfection liquid you have stockpiled during the last week is likely to make it into your will, you may benefit from homeopathically prepared arsenic.

  • Bryonia: In this remedy, we see flu symptoms combined with a particular anxiety about money matters. As most businesses have suffered during the lockdown, this is a remedy to think off, particularly now, that we are running into the second wave. “How shall I pay my rent, my bills, the food to put on the table…” are thoughts that concern particularly the Bryonia patient, however often we tell him to just relax and get well first.

    Most of us – trust fund kids excluded – have probably been in this state, at one stage or another.

At the same time, I also had some cases that responded favourably to the homeopathic remedy of

  •  Positronium: Whereas I am coming across this only recently proven remedy state relatively rarely in my practice, I have seen it popping up quite a few times during these last weeks. The give away symptom is usually an intense self-questioning and self-critique – a coming-up with annihilating self-assessments during the sleepless hours of the night, while still being exhausted by the flu. Life just seems to be a terrible stringing up of failures mixed with missed opportunities.

    As one patient put it succinctly: “My being feels like an arrow that was aimed at but missed the universe.” He felt much better psychologically and physically following this remedy.

    Listen to Misha Norland, homoepath and master prover of Positronium, telling you more about this fascinating remedy.

Is homeopathy not fascinating?

(Find out more about how homeopathic remedies are made in my previous blog post and read up on the Positronium proving.)

As you can see, here too is a sense of anxiety, reminiscent of the above Aconitum, but the state goes far deeper. It is not about survival, but about existence.

And this brings me to another topic.

As you may know, in the homeopathic case taking, we are not just elliciting the physical symptoms of a person, but try to get a picture of his mental and emotional state as well. 

This is usually called the disposition.

Sometimes patients are very forthcoming with information on their disposition. They tell you straight away how they feel about their current symptoms and the situations in life that have given birth to them.

At other times, some targeted questioning is required, such as “How does this make you fell?” or “How have you been affected by this problem?”

And most often quite a few rounds in the Hermeneutic Circle are required, in order get to grips with the patient’s disposition, as prior symptoms and statements are constantly elucidated and enlarged by emerging contextual information.

Traditionally, the hermeneutic loop described the interrelationship between the whole of system and its parts. We understand the whole based on our engagement with the parts, and our understanding of the parts influences our understanding of the whole. ©

In the case of an epidemic, such as COVID-19, we homeopaths do not only look at the symptoms occurring in the ill, but also on the disposition portrayed by the whole population of affected people – in this case the whole world. 

This includes personal experiences, such as the fears mentioned above whilst discussing Aconitum, Arsenicum album and Bryonia – states that are easily recognisable while watching the news. 

But includes also the whole arena of urban myths, conspiracy theories and popular culture.

Like in many other infections, there is an underlying theme of a threatening attack, of a stealthy invasion – no surprises here: 

This only mirrors our bodies’ experience of being attacked and invaded by foreign germs, microbes and viruses. 

(It is interesting to notice in this context, that Wolfsbane – Aconitum – has been used in the past by shepherds to poison the wolfs that were out to attack and feed on their sheep – a very potent analogy, in my opinion. Remind me of talking about what I call the Pharmakosmos in one of the future posts.)

It is only one small step further, to think of who is behind this attack. Who is to blame. Which greater Evil has instrumentalised this smaller one. Thus we enter the domain of conspiracy.

And lets remind us here of the fact, that as homeopaths we are not after an objective truth, but the lived subjective experience.

"Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you."

Delmore Schwartz (1913 - 1966) Tweet

Witches and jews have been unfairly accused – in nowadays opinion – of causing pest and cholera in the Middle Ages by poisoning wells and using spells.

Has the American native population been decimated by the distribution of blankets infected with small pox or did they get the disease through the air – just as everybody else? 

Is the targeting of blacks, homosexuals and drug addicts by an artificially made AIDS virus just a Russian propaganda piece?

Talking of homosexuals- are they really able to conjure up flooding and wildfires, as recently and still claimed?

Healing obviously must include a resolution of physical and psychological symptoms. Healing – as the overcoming of a crisis – necessarily contains elements of personal development. And – on a social level – must lead to an investigation of the truth behind the claims of conspiracy – however obvious or inane they may appear at first glance.

Not an easy task – admittedly.

Earlier on, I had the pleasure to come accross the below interview, that in my opinion brings up quite a few elements of this conspiracy aspect of the Wuhan plague, and influenza in general. 

To any materialist reductionist who has made it through to here – and is not seriously procrastinating on something more important to do: Let us look at things not in terms of “what is truth?” but “what is the story?”

Because truth is a long-haul game – and a romantic one as that, i.e. an eternal reach for the infinite. 

Whereas scientific theories and ideologies are relatively short-lived, as only a furtive glance into a book about history or the philosophy of science, will prove.

From a homeopathic perspective, I find the connection between viral illnesses and

  • the introduction of electricity (before the outbreak of the Spanish flu at the beginning of the last century), respectively
  • the switching on of 5G networks in Wuhan, China, in Northern Italy and other COVID-19 hotspots, prior to the reported mass casualties, very interesting.
  • And of course I love particularly the fact, that everything coincides with the return of asteroid (52768) 1998 OR2, that seems to wear a face mask (!), that belongs to the category of celestial bodies, that could indeed create serious havock to our planet, and which has – according to the speaker – been here the last time around, at the end of Atlantis, i.e. at the end of the last ice age, when many coastal high cultures where flooded by the raising sea levels.
Do these synchronicities not underline again the above mentioned symptoms of impending doom?

They also harken back to the indication of imponderables – homeopathic remedies made from energies, such as Positronium. There is a remedy made from electricity, Electricitas (check out the symptoms for fevers and difficulty breathing), but it seems there need to be a remedy made from 5G as well. Some information on symptoms is already available.

Fear of technology is not new. We are laughing nowadays about our great grand parents – and the American natives – fearing to lose their soul, in case they were boarding a train. But in retrospective, it kind of looks obvious, that we have lost our souls in the meantime. Do the test: With how many people in your surrounding can you talk about the Soul these days? We do not even understand the problem anymore, and believe this is because our ancestors were stupid – and forget: the stupidity of others shows us mainly our own potential for stupidity.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic modality that is helping our organisms to adapt to environmental changes.

We are sensitive to outside influences to the degree of our exposure to it (dosology), but also according to our own idiosyncracy (call it DNA).

So, we may know both: the passiv smoker dying from lung cancer (low dosology, weak idiosyncracy) and the chain smoker still living at 100 (high dosology and obviously strong idiosyncracy).