On homeopathy

Homeopathy is first and foremost known as a gentle and natural treatment modality that is strengthening and enhancing our vitality from inside, without side-effects and without necessitating its continuous use. 

In homeopathy, we give great importance to what we call “the whole picture”: We do not only want to know, what your specific ailment is, but want to understand how it shows itself in all its details, and from what situation in your life it may has arisen. 

That is why we are asking about your thoughts, your beliefs and your emotions surrounding a particular issue, and want to know more about the period in your biography in which a particular health problem has appeared for the first time.

Rather than boiling things down to a medical diagnosis – which is of course of vital importance! – we try to understand the extent a problem has taken in your life, and of which – usually – the diagnosis is only the cherry on top of the cake.

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Since its inception more than 200 years ago, homeopathy is considered the “UFO” in the field of complimentary medicine – as something that cannot and therefore should not exist. And indeed, it contains elements, that within the current scientific paradigm dominated by reductionism and materialism, can only be described as paranormal. Being under attack by the medical and pharmaceutical establishment since the early beginnings, homeopaths have often found themselves in the defence and frequently assumed a fundamentalist or apologetic position, trying to oppose or play into the scientific paradigms of their times.

Personally, I have come to believe that homeopathy should get out of this defensive game and explore more, what it is, what it wants to be, and what it has to offer to the world. It has deep roots in the Age of Enlightenment, in the philosophy of the Romantics, but also in Alchemy and Magic. Much of it is not discussed in homeopathic circles or are undeclared anathema.

So let us declare here a small space, in which homeopathy can live and breath in its own particular way.

When we first encounter homeopathy, many of us find ourselves in the slightly uncomfortable situation depicted in the marvellous “Butterfly Hunter” by Carl Spitzweg.

We are in the presence of something entirely unheard of – something, that does not fit – quite litterally –  into the tiny, but usually satisfactorally sized butterfly net of our conceptual framework. 

These giant butterflies are unacceptable. But here they are, nevertheless.

They are not scary per se. But their very existence is threatening dozens of biological tenets, on which entire careers have been built.

They are casting doubts over one’s own sanity. Look out, there is a huge spider crawling through the tree tops! Oh no, thanks God, it is just a palm tree rustling in the wind. 

And they cast doubts over one’s ability to bring such a huge specimen safely back to Biedermeyer Germany. If one is quite up to the task to sample one, in the first place, that is?


This painting (one of my favourites, you can tell!) is a glimpse on the sentiment of awe – the romantics favourite – , peeked at through a humoristic lense.

And it depends entirely upon our own state of mind, if, one day, we will look back to this moment as something “aweful” or something “awesome”. 

How will we let this moment change ourselves?