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Matthias Waeger

Matthias Waeger

Since 2005, I am a practicing homeopath, consulting in English, French, (Swiss-) German and Greek.

I am also a mostly proud father of three marvellous and home-birthed children (are they Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow or beyond?).

Born and raised in Switzerland, I live as an expat since 1999 (London, UK) and since 2005 in Athens (Greece), mainly in the intersection of "curious" and "happy to help".

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To cut to the chase, I am most probably an IFNP personality type. So, if you ever had a classmate, a friend or an acquintance, intensly absorbed into his or her own fantasies, poetry or the UFO phenomenon, chances are high, that I share some of the characteristics with this person. 

I mean, who else would think of creating a facebook page like the “Institute for the Mending of Fairy Wings“, featured on the left.

Since my early childhood, I had a weakness for the ugly critters on the side of the road. Earth worms, wood lice, snails, spiders and scorpions found – mysteriously ?! – their way into the harmonious and Christian home my mother tried to build back home in rural Switzerland. 

At the same time, I was deeply intrigued by the ideas of esotericism, extra-terrestrians and – I am a bit ashamed to mention it – the psychedelic properties of some drugs.

Do you think it was a relief for me, to come across homeopathy? 

You better bet, it was.

Caught in between the quaint fundamentalism of many of its followers, the unrelented onslaught of its critics, self-declared sceptics, with a high mass media affinity and its fundamentally paranormal – but rarely acknowledged so – nature, this therapeutic modality convinces its patients – for two hundred years plus – mainly by its results. 

It also resides in a spot in this world, that I am deeply familiar with: 

Where things seem to exist, although in the opinion of others, they should not, they shall not and cannot. (Do you remember Galileo Galilei’s story?)

Where things have a power in themselves, that nobody else gives to them.

Where the meek are indeed blessed, because they are shaping the world. (Sorry. forgot to mention, I was a kind of a bible nerd as well…)

Homeopathy tops worldwide the list of all so called complementary or alternative medicine – before acupuncture, or, say, … Reiki.

To my surprise, I entered a subculture of our society, that considered my ‘critters’ as ‘healing agents’, that acknowledged their mind- (and body-) altering potential, if used as potentised remedies, similar but in a much more subtle way to those of recreational drugs, and made their indications available to the public in Bible paper publications – a bibliophile’s ecstasy! – , upto to the standards of an intergenerational OCD sufferer’s complete delight.

What I found, was a highly nuanced and ever growing alphabet of interior states, that I could recognise within myself.

But also within others.

And imagine my excitement, when I observed – for the first time – that these homeopathic remedies can indeed change physical symptoms!

I could not be doing, what I am doing, without the input and help of many people. Let them introduce themselves below – in due time…