How can I find a good homeopath?

If you do not have a personal recommendation, it can be tricky to find a homeopath – not only in Greece, but on the whole planet.
And if you have a recommendation – who assures you, that the person who has helped your friend, will also be able to help you?
Now, the professional answer to this question is – as homeopathy is in most countries a self-regulated profession – to check out the websites of homeopathic professional bodies in your country. Usually, they have their members listed somewhere on their webpage.
  1. Go through the names.
  2. Find somebody in your area, in case you want to visit them in their office – or look up the areas you fancy.
  3. Check his or her credentials, if possible.
  4. Have a look at their website.
  5. Maybe you can find some testimonials, that appeal to you.
  6. Book an appointment.
Before you do that though, give them a ring and talk to them. This is probably the most important advice I can give you.
How much time does it take for you to get a feel of the other person?
If you are like me, you may realise within minutes, that regardless of the homeopath’s qualifications – you simply do not want to talk with this person or even open up to them.
Listen to your gut feeling. Nothing can replace it.
Let me tell you a story:

In my mid-twenties I had the incredible luck of being invited to a trip to French Polynesia – Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Maupiti, etc. Remember the “Mutiny on the Bounty” or “Pipi Longstockings in the South Sea” and you’ll get the picture.
Besides being adopted by a local princess, I was also able to meet with Polynesian healers. And what struck me the most in what they were telling me, was the following:
After the traditional consultation, the healer usually shows the healing herb to his or her patient.
They do not give the ready-made concoction, but send the patient into the jungle to find this herb, believing that – what shall we call it? The Great Spirit? – will lead the patient exactly to the right plant, that has grown under the right circumstances, and contains the right substances matching the patient’s need.
The patient returns with the plant which is then prepared into the healing agent by the healer and given with instructions to the patient.
What did I learn from this?
Follow your instinct while searching for a therapist.
Like a dog knows, when to eat grass, we also know, what to do in any given moment. The only thing required of us, is that we have have the willingness to listen and the openness to understand what information is given to us.
If you ring up a homeopath and you do not get a reply – it is likely not meant for you to meet up.

If you do not feel a connection while you talk with the homeopath – do not proceed with the booking, unless you really feel strongly compelled to do so.

And if you realise after an appointment, or a couple of them, that you are on the wrong path – maybe you want to discuss this impression with your health practitioner.

And if he or she cannot take it – you may want to find somebody else.

Do you think this is a waste of time?

Maybe. But consider this:

How many times in your life, it was only through trial and error, that you got the results you wanted?

And how many times, you realised only in the process, what it was, that you actually wanted?

Our mistakes are an integral part of our process, if they lead to some sort of self-realisation.

Figure out, why you made this particular mistake and remedy it. You may find your own healing, by searching for the right therapist.

Because nowadays we know, that it is always our best thinking, that brought us to the present situation.

It is our own projections and transferences that lead us into new relationships, as the psychologists say.

So, whoever homeopath we meet – it is most likely saying more about ourselves, than about the other person.

Has this answer helped you or confused you even further?

Do you think, it may really be difficult to find a homeopath for yourself?

How difficult do you think then it is for a homeopath, to find a good homeopath?